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Netwrix is an Irvine, California-based private IT security software company that develops change management software to help companies with security and compliance auditing. The company's Netwrix Auditor solution helps information security and governance professionals manage sensitive, regulated and business-critical data.The company operates in the United States, EMEA and Asia Pacific region.

A customer mentioned, "The main problems we've had at the company with Netwrix are as follows. Stability is a concern. Despite running this for over one year, we have had issues with processor utilisation on several business critical servers including SQL servers that have meant that we have had to deinstall the product on those servers. No resolution, despite this being logged with the supplier for some 2 months. Support from the US for UK clients is not up to standard, for the cost of the product and the cost of support we expected better. We are reconsidering our use of this product, despite its good level of reporting and automation of alerts."


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"Low pay for market. Company has taken over a new regime of executives and they have taken 0 responsibility on pay. They owe some employees thousands of dollars. HR doesnt do anything."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Management. The word "management" is carefully selected, as "leadership" does not exist in this organization. Several higher-level positions have the "what's in it for me" mentality. Mis-direction and dishonesty are evident due to the fact that confidence and self esteem are not. The people in higher-level positions feed off of putting others down to make themselves feel better.Beware, as this character flaw is hidden at first but later becomes quite apparent. I surround myself with people who make myself better. This is not that organization."

Sales says

"It's convoluted confusing and unattainable. It use to be you'd make a small percentage based on total sales regardless if you made quota or not then it changed that if you didn't make quota you got zero. There were 4 different comp plans out there it was organized chaos a real disaster."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1) Employees pay for health insurance? Not true. The company pays 60% of the cost and 8 or 10 different plan options start at $300 out of pocket per month. We have PPO, HMO, low deductible, high deductible, you name it. 2) Not sure about employees kissing up to CEO, need more clarify about this comment. The CEO's door is always open (and everybody knows that) and Netwrix is a highly feedback-driven company that LISTENS to everybody. If you want to talk to the CEO, just walk into his office or call him. As simple as that. Michael Fimin is the CEO, his phone number is 949-407-5125 x1057 and his office is on the 11th floor of our building in Irvine. He is available 24/7. Call or leave a VM and he will get back to you. 3) "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often" (Winston Churchill). If you want to have a job that never changes and remains stagnant, go to a place like IBM, Oracle or even McDonalds. In no way saying that they are bad companies, but they are mature, established, nothing changes. Ok to work, but no opportunity to excel and grow (and to change). 4) Totally useless comment about "smoke and glass mirrors". If you complain about something (or try to find an excuse for not being successful), please be specific."

Current Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"For R&D: 1. No stock options, no bonus, small salary, no performance review. 2. Problem with the allocation of resources and tasks. Uneven distribution of tasks throughout the year -> part of the year u do nothing, the other part u working hard. 3. Communication problem between departments. 4. Development is very susceptible to political divisions between departments and the product suffers from this. 5. The product is very bad inside and it is no longer possible to fix it, the managers know about it, but they do nothing and do not allow others to do anything. 6. Some employees do not match their position, but they still work because they are friends with managers and are irreplaceable employees, because they have created a bad solution that no one else understands, and managers prefer not to take risks, but on the other hand, they do not get the progress of this product parts. 7. Managers do not listen to warnings about certain things, if you are lower in rank, and when they happen, they pretend that you did not warn them and it happened suddenly."

Support Staff (Current Employee) says

"A time bomb for disaster. A place where stress and work collide. Direction is sacrificed for troubling agendas. Be prepared to be let down and angry lol."

Alexandros Kountrouris says

"Freaking stalkers"